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Firearm Training Classes
Woman and Children's Self Defense Course
   Often we hear a wife or girlfriend saying that they just don't want their significant other teaching them to handle a firearm. Domestic violence in past relationships, or often a well intending husband or boyfriend teaching with a handgun that is simply too large keeps women from learning to defend themselves when the need arrives. Youths handling a firearm can be an intimidating task leading some parents into the thought pattern of refraining them from shooting until they are older, this often leads to the common headline we all dread reading about when a young child playing cops and robbers accidently shoots the neighbor kid.
   All these situations can be avoided with our common since approach taught in the Woman's and Children's Self Defense Course. Properly fitting a handgun size and type, weather it is a pistol or revolver, .22LR or 45LC, is only the start in this class, after all, if the gun won't fit- the shooter won't shoot. Counting steps in your house, identifying common problem areas that could make your house easier to break in to, lighting, alarm systems and how to use them as well as installing them yourself to save money.  Identifying targets, keeping family members and pets safe, types of ammunition to use indoors, reflective surfaces and navigating your house at night. Safe words, hiding spots, how children should hide and when and to whom they should release. Most of all your safe space, defending your safe space, holding your safe space, and of course....shooting. Plan on shooting at least 4 boxes of 50 rounds, or more if you so choose, on a variety of targets in a simulated house. This setting will take place answering doors, sitting on a couch, in a chair, in a tub, in bed, in halls, in rooms of all sorts.
Womans Self Defense
Beginning Shooter Course
Extreme Range Shooter Course