Driving Directions to The Rusty Buffalo Gun RangeSavage Rascal
FREE FREE FREE FREE This is a Rascal, it is made by Savage Arms, it is chambered in .22LR. What makes this so nice is that it is a youth rifle, much better than the popular Cricket rifle. Why is it better you ask? Safety, 2 of them. On the Cricket rifle the shooter loads a shell in the chamber, closes the bolt, then pulls the firing pin set back really hard to lock it but oops, little fingers slip and bang, someone can get hurt. Along comes the Rascal, little fingers load a round, close the bolt, the lever safety automatically sets itself, little fingers have to move it to fire then place their finger on the trigger to move the trigger safety, 2 safeties. It is the same size as a Cricket, so perfect for little shooters to handle safely. And best of all, it's FREE. YES YOU HEARD ME, IT IS COMPLETELY FREE TO ANY CHILD. Oh wait, there is a catch. Here's the deal. On father's day weekend the American Legion is having a big shoot. During that shoot we need several kids that can be Range Runners. A Range Runner is a young person that will run down to the targets with a walkie talkie and tell the scorer where a hit was if there was a question, they also will spray paint or touch up the targets between rounds to keep the score fair. Range Runners may do other odd jobs as well but nothing to tough. They have to be there both days to win the rifle and all of the volunteer Range Runners will get a Pizza Party at Pizza Carello the weekend after the shoot. Now just who gets the rifle? Tops, Frank, and Karl will throw a name out in a meeting, then we will wrestle for the winner and since we all know Tops is old and Frank is a wimp, I guess I will win so I am open to bribes, like a new truck.

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