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   Polishing a rock brings it to life. A deep luster with a mirror finish brings joy to both the shower and the looker. Polishing a rock also takes special equipment, time, and a knowlage of rock and mineral structure. We are experts in rock and mineral polishing, whether it is your favorite geode, rocks you gathered for tumbling, that fine specimine, or slabs you want for display we have the tools and knowedge to provide you with the finest finish availble.Some rocks are just too big to put in a tumbler or polish on the belts, some rocks, like your favorite petrifide wood are too big to load in your car or truck. For those jobs we travel to you and polish your rock on site. Huge rocks that have a polished face in your yard really impress your friends and add to the value of your yard    We don't stop at 3000 grit, we polish up to 150,000 grit and use the proper abrasives for your specimines.

Polishing Fees

Geodes $2

Slabs $1 per square inch, per side.

Agate crowning and polishing $30 per crown.

Site Polishing: $25 per hour, please note there is a $25 travel fee under 50 miles with $3 per mile over 50 miles each way.

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Rough Rock

Our selection of Rough Rock, Agates, Rare minerals, Fossils, Fine minerals and Rare or hard to find rocks. Sold individally or by the pound the variety is endless.

Polished Rock

This is where our Polished rock is availble to order. Fine specimens in Agate, Spheres, Slabs, Tumbled Rock, and Cabochons are availble for order.


Rock cutting, Slabbing, Polishing, Sphere making from your selection of stones are just a few of our services. Our custom Cabochons and Lapidary Arts are outstanding.

Upcoming Shows and Events

Find out where the next show is at. Here you will find information on Rock and Jem shows we will be at as well as any other locations we will be setting up a booth.