Wyoming Mountaineers Gunsmithing, LLC.

Karl Milner, Master Gunsmith
809 South Douglas Highway

Gillette, WY.  82716

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Bolt Handle Replacement/Modification

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Barrel Threading

The Handle

Barrel Threading

Handle Placement

     Grandpa's old rifle, it may not be valuable, but to you it is worth a mint and you just want it, well, right... the way it originally was. At Wyoming Mountaineers Gunsmiting we understand, and we agree. It should be right, and safe, and it should last untill you pass it along to your grandchildren. Best of all we can do that. Poor Care, Water Damage, Fire Damage, Wear and Tear, it all can be repaired and we are here to help you bring that old gem back to life.

Marked Stock

Restored SKS

Complete Restorations

Blueing and Glass Bedding

New Tip
New Stock Tips and Refinish

Even this old Deer Slayer Muzzleloader is no challange. We can make the leaf springs, coil springs, forge the hammer, machine the main shaft or the sear, I've even been seen filing custom triggers for theese jems, I love them so much. These "SmokePoles" are what I cut my teeth on, starting my gunsmithing carrer at the Mountain Man Rendezvous, those were the days.



















Custom Barrel Turning is just the start of the services offered, when you call us a human answers and says "Yes, we can do that".
    Wyoming Mountaineers Gunsmithing, LLC. is a full service gunsmithing business. We offer repairs on all types of firearms from spring repair to custom blueprinting of the most complicated rifle.