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Wyoming Mountaineers Lapidary Cutting Services

   We are pleased to offer a variety of services to help get the right size and shape rock you need and to help with the finished look. If you have a special rock that you would like to have cut in half, cut into slabs, made into something special, i.e. bookends, cabochon/s, pendant, or ring, to name a few, or a geode cut in half just bring your rock in, call us or text us and let us have a look at it. We would be happy to cut/polish it for you. You may also ship your rough rock or geode to us. We give free estimates and text you progress of your rocks cutting. We are proud to accommodate all of our U.S. and global customers. We work hard to make sure you are always happy and satisfied at the end of every purchase.

Our rock cutting fees:

Rock and Geode cutting  $0.50 per square inch per cut, slabs are charged as individual cuts. Hard to cut or items needing special care, jigs, or fixtures will be carged $25 additional per item

Core Drilling of rocks $25 per core. Items needing special care like plaster fixtures will require $25 additional fee. Items needing stabalized before coring will require additional fee and time. Please Note: Sphere making requires 3 core drills minimum charge.

Sphere Cutting $75 each sphere. Please note: to make a sphere preform requires a minimum of 3 core drilling fee. This means each sphere costs a minimum of $150

Cabochons: Each cabochon is special in itself. Please call, text, or email us to discuss your specific needs and for an estimate.

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Wyoming Mountaineers Saw Cutting Service

Cutting rocks in half, cutting slabs of any thickness, or cutting shapes of any kind is an easy task. Accuracy is a must when cutting rocks to prevent saw marks. Our saws are checked weekly for alignment and drive parts play.  Better cuts mean better finish on your rocks with less waste.

Wyoming Mountaineers Lapidary Core drilling service

Core drilling is an essential part of many rock cutting operations. Making spheres for instance starts with a core cut from a stable rock. With the capability to cut cores up to 6" our cutting services are that of some of your larger rock cutting shops

Wyoming Mountaineers Lapidary Sphere Grinding

Cutting speres from your favorite rock leaves an exciting view in every direction. Placed on a stand or in your favorite display there is nothing more impressive than seeing a sphere in your collection.

Whatever your needs are we can handle your rock cutting and grinding needs. We offer superior finish, accurate cuts, fast cores, and perfect spheres for your collection. Bring your own rock or choose from our selection of fine rough rock.


Rough Rock

Our selection of Rough Rock, Agates, Rare minerals, Fossils, Fine minerals and Rare or hard to find rocks. Sold individally or by the pound the variety is endless.

Polished Rock

This is where our Polished rock is availble to order. Fine specimens in Agate, Spheres, Slabs, Tumbled Rock, and Cabochons are availble for order.


Rock cutting, Slabbing, Polishing, Sphere making from your selection of stones are just a few of our services. Our custom Cabochons and Lapidary Arts are outstanding.

Upcoming Shows and Events

Find out where the next show is at. Here you will find information on Rock and Jem shows we will be at as well as any other locations we will be setting up a booth.