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Wyoming Mountaineers Gunsmithing, LLC.

Karl Milner, Master Gunsmith
809 South Douglas Highway

Gillette, WY.  82716    






Kids Events
Free Kids Cannon Shoot
August 17th, 2019
Bowling Away
American Legion
Fathers Day Shoot Out
August 31st and September 1st


Barrel Turning
Services Offered
   Wyoming Mountaineers Gunsmithing, LLC is your service orientated gunsmith meeting all your Gunsmithing needs. from cleaning your favorite .22 to blueprinting a extreme accuracy bench rifle, mounting a scope on your new hunting rifle or fabricating custom sights on to help you keep shooting that trusty revolver in your hard to read years we can do it all. Come to us, call on the phone, or Email your needs, Facebook friendly with tons of videos and willing advice is always readily available no matter how you contact us. With over 35 years experience we can do any job from muzzleloader repairs to restorations of grandpas fire damaged or water damaged firearm collection.  While custom work or common Gunsmithing is our main concept we also can order any firearm you wish to add to your collection, we also have sources for some of those hard to find firearms or older ones that you had when you were a kid. We consign firearms so call often as our inventory is always changing.
Custom Muzzle Brakes
Firearm Safety Training and Range Courses
Womans Trainiing
   Often we hear that a woman just can't or doesn't want to learn to shoot from a husband or boyfriend. Well intending better halves often pressure their loved one into a firearm that is too recoil heavy, or doesn't feel right in the hand, sometimes it is just really intimidating.  Past domestic violence or leaving the safety of the parents home to go to college.  Reaching the golden years and loosing the strength to fight back.  The dreaded headlines of two youths playing cops and robbers accidentally shoot a friend with a parents loaded handgun. Many reasons are out there to attend this course for women and children, men aren't allowed in this club making it easy to get comfortable with your surroundings and find a firearm and technique that fits you, not that is pressured upon you.
   From 1 mile to 2 miles, this is not a course for the faint of heart shooter. Big guns with a big boom is the name of the game.